Concord's AWP Certification Program + Introducing the Global AWP Community!

Presented by the Concord Academy

Renew your Concord® certification, access complimentary coaching, and connect with peers in a community exclusively for Concord Certified AWP Professionals!®

In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn about Concord's updated recertification process and our exciting new online community, which offers:

  • Live Coaching: Get personalized support on our AWP coaching calls.

  • Continuing Education: Learn from global AWP experts at complimentary webinars.

  • Practical Tools: Access AWP templates and pre-made deliverables.

  • Networking & Connection: Connect with practicing AWP leaders around the world.

  • Job Opportunities: Get exclusive access to our AWP job board.

  • Industry News: Enjoy AWP news and expert articles in one place.

In this free, one-hour webinar, Concord CEO Olfa Hamdi will take you on a journey through Concord’s updated recertification process and how it will integrate with our exclusive community. Register now!

What You'll Learn

Exclusive Insights and Coaching

    1. Pre-Webinar Survey

    2. Copyright Notice

    1. Welcome and Introduction (5 min)

    2. Overview: Concord Certified AWP Professional® Certification (3 min)

    3. Overview: The Path to Certification (1 min)

    4. What's New at the Concord Academy (1 min)

    5. Overview: Re-Certification Requirements (2 min)

    6. How to Get Re-Certified (2 min)

    1. Introduction to the Global AWP Community (4 min)

    2. Live Tour! The Global AWP Community (9 min)

    1. Is this community open to anyone?

    2. Do we have to watch the webinars live or can I watch the recordings?

    3. Professional and Champion Certifications aren’t showing?

    4. Webinar Feedback

About this course

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  • 14 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

Olfa Hamdi


Olfa is a global expert in the strategic, construction-driven planning and execution of capital projects. She is an American-trained engineer, inventor, and Silicon Valley entrepreneur who founded the Advanced Work Packaging Institute before co-founding Concord Project Technologies in 2016 and the Concord Academy in 2020. She has worked as a consultant with some of the largest capital project organizations in the world, including Shell, Exxon and Rio Tinto, and recently published her first book, Advanced Work Packaging.