Self-Paced Training in a Remote-COVID Environment

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This short webinar highlights ways to meet your training program objectives, even with the unknowns of today’s construction environment. Olfa Hamdi, Co-founder & CEO of Concord Academy, and Anne Randall, Director of Client Success for O3, share best practices and advice for establishing a successful training program for your project, regional office, or corporate-wide initiative. They also provide an overview of a recent client success story.

Duration: 60 minutes

Olfa Hamdi


Olfa Hamdi is a global expert in the strategic, construction-driven planning and execution of capital projects. She is an American-trained engineer, inventor and Silicon Valley entrepreneur who founded the Advanced Work Packaging Institute before co-founding Concord Project Technologies in 2016. Olfa is a recognized international expert in the field of project management and a credited co-author of the three-volume industry bible on Advanced Work Packaging implementation. She led multiple audit missions of capital projects while working with Independent Project Analysis. She holds a Master of Science in Capital Project Management from The University of Texas at Austin, a Master of Science in Engineering from Ecole Centrale de Lille, and a graduate degree in Alternative Dispute Resolution for construction disputes from Texas School of Law.

Anne Randall


Anne Randall has 15+ years’ experience in Enterprise-Level software across non-profits, healthcare, transportation and logistics, and industrial construction. She has trained and consulted thousands of end-users, led complex consulting engagements, and created & implemented new processes in both sales and operations.