Our Training Solutions

We offer foundational and custom training packages that cover all of the most critical areas in modern capital project management and execution, including Advanced Work Packaging, digital project delivery, and Predictability Thinking™.

  • Foundational Training

    Our foundational training is a cost-effective solution for organizations looking to build team capacity in established and emerging areas of capital project management.

  • Our Guarantee

    We guarantee that your team will come away with the tools and information they need to execute on your next capital project.

  • Custom Training

    Our custom training options are for leaders who are ready to invest in a bespoke curriculum designed to address the unique challenges and objectives of a mature capital project organization.

Evolving with Changing Times

Concord Academy's e-learning solution gives you the flexibility to implement industry best practices for your organization at your own pace. With courses taught by premier industry experts, you can trust that your team will be ahead of the curve. Concord Academy can also provide personal support to ensure you get the best results.

Questions and Answers

  • Who will be teaching the online programs?

    Our e-learning programs are taught by renowned industry experts on AWP and capital projects.

  • How much time do I need to dedicate to each course?

    Course content runs between 3–6 hours of direct learning. However, it is broken down into manageable lessons that are self-paced and our system allows you to save your progress. This means you can come back to the course at any time and pick up where you left off.

  • Will I receive certification after finishing online courses?

    Concord Academy does certifies students who meet the course requirements. After each lesson, there is a quiz to reinforce the learning process. When all course lessons are completed, students will receive a certification from the Concord Academy.

  • Will there be interactions with instructors?

    The level of interaction participants have with instructors is based on the subscription option chosen by the organization. All courses include a minimum of live Q&A with the instructor. All e-learning programs allow students to post questions.

  • Can I get my entire project team to enroll in a course?

    Yes, our e-learning programs are available to individuals and project teams. If you are interested in getting your project team involved please use the form below letting us know what courses you are interested in. Our team will help get everyone enrolled with no hassle.

Concord Acadmey

Student Testimonials

"This course has given me a good foundation to build my planning skills on and a better understanding of the key importance a good planner brings to a project." 

Shell | Construction Planner

I had very little experience with this subject prior to this, and the information was very easy to digest/comprehend."

Shell | Project Engineer

"AWP will help our projects, and I now know my role in the system."

Shell | Sponsor

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